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Your page to plan your next touring trip in British Columbia, with its mountain ranges, rainforests, deserts, sea coast, rivers and lakes, urban cities, fields of wineries and fruit, fertile market gardens, eagles soaring overhead, and streams paved with salmon.

On your trip, you may want to visit Cyclist-Friendly
retailers, eateries, accommodation providers, businesses, shops, and transportation providers.

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Articles on cyclotouring routes in British Columbia

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CycloTouringBC Route Map Map: British Columbia Cycling Touring Routes

Your Region... a CycloTouring Mecca

A cycling touring route map for the province is under development. With the roll-out of the CycloTouringBC's Region Engagement Program to your region; cycling touring routes, businesses, and destinations will appear on the map. Want it to happen, then contact the CycloTouringBC Program by e-mail...


Cyclist's Resources:

The CycloTouringBC Blog
Cycling touring route map of the province

Your cycling trip:
Would you like to write down your memories of your trip in British Columbia and have the article or photo blog posted on the CycloTouringBC Blog?
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Tips on mapping your route.

Tips on writing blog posts (movie version) or (pdf version)

Your touring route:
Would you like to submit your route to be added to the provincial map: Send it to us in kml or some other form of gps file format along with a description of the route and why you feel the route should be included in the map.



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