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CycloTouringBC, the “GO-TO” organization for cycling tourism in British Columbia

For Businesses:  Showcasing retailers and businesses that cyclotourists frequent.  Support for growing your market and customers.  
For Governments:  Support for growing your local economy.  Attracting more cyclotourists.  Showcasing your region globally.
For Media:  Your contact for cyclotouring information in British Columbia.

The objective of the CycloTouringBC Program is to substantially increase cycling tourist traffic in this province, allowing local economies and its retailers and businesses to benefit from the presence of cyclotourist visits.


CycloTouringBC Route Map Map: British Columbia Cycling Touring Routes

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Interested in starting the conversation to bring this program to your retail location or your business and region, then read one of the brochures:

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The CycloTouringBC Vision for this province and its Program and Services
The Regional Engagement Program


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